Mena Global is a place for all hardworking and talented jobseekers. Read more about what makes working at Mena pleasantly unique: 


Welcoming Culture

At Mena, we have a corporate culture deeply rooted with values of collaboration, positively and encouragement. Our employees ‘work hard and play harder’. Life-long friendships and bonds have developed at Mena because we encourage teamwork over competition between staff.


Team Bonding Activities

Our regular team building activities allow employees to get to know each other outside a corporate setting. Our talented HR team organises dinners, barbeques, picnics and outings by keeping in mind the interested of employees. Democratic decision-making is encouraged when planning team bonding activities too!


Advanced Technical Assistance

At Mena Global, we take pride in our technical expertise and hence our in-house ERP system is designed for the convenience of employees. We are a modern business that is constantly adapting to technological advancements to make sure our business processes are simple yet efficient.


Opportunities for Personal Growth

Employees at Mena Global are given multiple opportunities to growth their skills and learn from experienced team members. With designated training rooms and training/upskilling workshops, we ensure that individuals who want to learn have an abundance of opportunities to do so. 


Comfortable Working Space

Mena Global offices are situated in business hubs and convenient locations to simplify travel for our employees and clients. With assigned desk space for every employee, we make sure that teams can easily communicate with each other. Our offices are clean and beautifully designed. On top of that, deliciously warm breakfast is served at our office canteens every morning! 


Medical Insurance

Mena Global employees are also given a medical insurance as part of their generous package because we care about the wellbeing of our employees! Our HR team and executives are constantly on the lookout for ways to offer better employment packages.

Job Listing

Sales Consultant

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Hiring 5 Candidates
  • Competency in English
  • Passionate about sales

Project Co-Ordinator

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Hiring 4 Candidates
  • Analyse risks and opportunities
  • Coordinate PM activities remotely

Solar Design Engineers

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Hiring 3 Candidates
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD & PVSYST

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